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Hey, you!

I'm Sabreen Swan,


A journalist-turned-copywriter obsessed with helping brands tap into their authentic stories.

Over the last decade, I've worked with several Fortune 500 companies and smaller businesses to create and launch the kind of copy that gets ideal customers clicking and buying - fast. 

Through intentionally crafted words and messaging, I'm here to help you authentically connect with your clientele so that you can offer the high-level value your brand is worth.

Copywriting is one piece of a successful brand, but it shouldn't be overlooked. Intentional copy is a powerful way to connect with your clientele and create distinction, and when done right, it allows your online presence to work for you in the background. Lean on my expertise and start connecting deeply with your customers. Allow the most authentic message of your brand to come through. 
Your message.

My promise to you

I know outsourcing your words can feel scary, so here's how I make sure your passion project is treated with respect and care.

Deep market research

Every brand is unique, even if they share an industry. I take time to dig deep into your market trends, your competition, audience and brand story to ensure your words are authentic to you.


I choose to work with luxury and lifestyle brands because it's a space that feels in alignment with who I am, which means I can show up as my most authentic self. 


I'm one woman, not a corporate agency. I'm proud to work with my clients, and always aim to build relationships long after the project is complete.

Peace of mind

I've worked with both small and large brands for over a decade—you'll never be up wondering where your copy is or if it will be late. Transparency and mutual respect are important to me, and my clients often praise me on this.

What Clients Say

"Sabreen has the unique ability to uncover different angles, positioning and concepts for every piece of content she works on. She brings a unique voice and tone, while sticking to brand guidelines and ultimately generating sales conversions. She's been an incredible addition to our team!"

Want to know 


Four years ago, I packed up my life and left my hometown, London, for Italy. Rome, specifically!

I'm now fluent in Italian and also offer Italian-to-English copy translation services for Italian brands who want to reach an international clientele. Head over to my services page to learn more.

After graduating with a degree in Journalism, I went on to become the youngest-ever sub-editor at the London Evening Standard.

I fell in love with the chaos of a news room on-deadline!

Once a journalist ...


The ultimate byline

As a bookworm and lover of stories, writing a novel was always at the top of my list. I recently finished writing my first novel, a Young Adult fiction work exploring mental health disorders in teenagers. I'm currently in the process of querying literary agents for representation. 

Wish me luck!

Things I'm currently learning


How to make the perfect Tiramisù (less rum, more coffee!)

Food chopping speed (and any/all other impressive culinary techniques)


The Blog

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