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Hi! I'm Sabreen Swan

Content Strategist and Copywriter for small businesses and creative entrepreneurs.


Obsessed with helping brands get more customers by telling their stories in a more human way.

In a nutshell...

  • Proud Londoner, living in Rome. That means I'm completely fine with picnics in the rain, but the picnics must now include pasta

  • If I wasn't a writer, I'd be an actress

  • I can almost always be bribed with a tea/biscuit combo. Seriously

  • As psychotic as it sounds, I actually really love Mondays

  • I like pretentious things and unfortunately, not in an ironic way

  • I'm best known for my sassy comebacks and constant "what would you do if...?" questions (you'll get used to it)

And I help creative entrepreneurs and small businesses discover their voice, communicate better with their audience and get more customers—through strategic content and enticing copy.

But this isn't about me. This is about YOU.

  • Your business is doing great—but the busier you get, the more distant your online presence is.

  • You're ready to reclaim your time and energy and spend it on the projects that excite you—while letting someone else handle your copy.

  • You're ready to start building more trust with customers and become an authority in your field.

Sound familiar?


Why would you want to work with this tea-guzzling, pasta-chompin', wannabe actress who has picnics in the rain, anyway?


You get a second pair of expert hands. I've been helping brands just like yours to build loyal customers and become industry authorities for almost ten years. That's ten years of trial and error and proven strategies for your project. No more guesswork.

You'll enjoy the process! The copywriting process should be fun and collaborative. I've built relationships with my clients way beyond the words we create. 

You can rest easy. I know how important your business, reputation and message is, so you'll never be up wondering where your copy is, or whether it'll be late. On deadline, every single time. You can finally relax, I got this.

You'll get an extended partner. And I know we'll get along just fine. Want to confide in me? I won't judge you! How can I? I literally eat pasta every single day for lunch.

Work Desk

Ready to put your business first?

What can I help you with?



You need to sell your (amazing) product. But instead, you're putting people to sleep.

But do you know what your customers want? How are you going to WOW them?

I dig deep to find out your customer's pain points and use that to create sales copy that makes your product or service so irresistible that it feels wrong to walk away. 


Want to build a long-lasting and loyal audience? Are you ready to become a source of authority in your field? 

Where do you even begin? What do your customers want to hear about? Surely, sharing content about your product/service is enough?

I create a high-level, on-going content strategy to position you as an expert in your field.


Blog posts? Check. White papers? Check. Ebooks? Check. Thought leadership resources to put you on the map? Triple check.


What if you could focus on your business while your website makes sales for you in the background?

But how do you know if your website is performing well? How many pages do you need? What should you have on each page? What's the right tone for you, anyway?

I help you build a winning content strategy and then create fresh, tight copy that speaks to your customer's core and gets them clicking and buying.

Need something else?


That's okay! I believe copywriting and content packages should be as unique as my clients, so don't worry if your project doesn't fit into the above. 

Book a 30-minute free call with me with the button below.

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