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Your website’s top-notch, your copy’s on point but there’s just one problem. Your audience doesn’t view you as an expert yet 😱 (... I said yet!)

Enter... Blog Content

You already know that you need a solid web presence if you want to WOW your customers
But if you seriously want to beat your competition, you need to go further.
A consistent and engaging blog can bring life to your business, position you as an industry expert, and bring customers straight to your (virtual) door.

Yes, really!

There are a million reasons why every serious business needs a blog. But here are the three you really need to know about.


Aside from people who already know who you are, and paid ads (because unless you sleep on a money bed, this is crazy expensive and it stops working the second you stop putting money into it), how are people going to find you?

Every time you publish a blog post, you add another indexed page on your website for Google to find. The more consistent you are, the more your pages show up on search engine results.

And not just that. It also sends a message to Google (and other search engines) that you’re an active site. With that knowledge, Google is more likely to check in frequently to see what new content you're publishing. Whenever your keywords are searched, your page surfaces. In other words, Google starts to trust you.

It's the best way to drive traffic to your website


It makes it easier to convert traffic into real leads

Now that your blog is bringing in more traffic, you can start converting visitors into real leadsThe easiest and most fool-proof way to do this is by offering an exciting, lead-generating magnet at the end of your blog posts. Basically, something free.

Why? Because if a reader wants that free lead magnet, they’ve enjoyed your content and they want moreYou can offer a whitepaper, guide, free templates, PDF, free webinars, product trials—anything useful that you think a visitor would be willing to exchange their details for.

Sound simple? That’s because it is! And it’s one of the best ways to convert that website traffic into real quality leads.


It turns you into an industry expert

We’re not talking about 300-word fluff content here. If you consistently share information that’s helpful to your customers, it will help you become a subject authority in their eyes.

Better yet, when you create content that solves your customers’ problems and answers their questions, you also become a trusted source of information.


Just think: a customer has a problem and goes to your website to try and talk to someone for help. On the blog page, they find content that addresses that exact problem. You’ve now solved an issue with your own educational content, setting a trustworthy foundation for future sales. That’s Thought Leadership Content.

Wondering what our collab will look like?

What Clients Say 

Vanessa Castiglioni, 

Vice President Operations - Genly

Sabreen has the unique ability to uncover different angles, positioning and concepts for every piece of content she works on. She brings a unique voice and tone, while sticking to brand guidelines and ultimately generating sales conversions. I have worked closely with Sabreen over the last year and have trusted her with our most important clients.


Sabreen is flexible, sticks to deadlines and is proactive in addressing client feedback and optimizing for performance. She has been an incredible addition to our team, and I look forward to continuing our work together! 


I learn about you and your goals and get straight into my deep-dive research process.


I learn about your perfect customer, your competition and your industry.


I share with you my recommendations for your content strategy with full explanations of how I got there.


This includes monthly themes, content goals and SEO-specific strategies.


Once you’re happy with the content strategy, I create an editorial calendar for the quarter.


You and your team have full access to this. We finalise the content after a round of revisions and I get writing. We repeat this process every quarter.

What if you could...

Become an industry-recognised thought leader.
Do more of what you love 
Convert traffic into quality leads (and win loyal customers who are rooting for you)
Save $$$ on advertising

Well, now you can!

High-level research 

Quarterly content strategy

SEO-focused content

Collaborative process

Design support

Ready to get more leads, more sales and more authority?


All content packages start at £800/month for 4 long-form blog posts/month.

Have something else in mind? No two of my clients are the same, so I understand the need for wiggle room.


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